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Welcome to Slayweb, the home of Slayer Software and Bob. Here you'll find all sorts to download that I've created over the years.
The menu above will take you to the various sections of the site and also has links to various other online profiles.

The dedicated Neverwinter Nights 2 section contains modules and scripts for the game.
In the level design section there's levels and other content for games including: Spore, Supreme Commander, Unreal Tournament and Duke Nukem 3D.

There are also tutorials to help with map creation in UT2003 / UT2004.
The Games section includes all the games I have written starring Bob, including the classic 'Bob Tron Forever'.
The archive and web sections contain some old Win95 themes and startup screens, tiling background images, some wallpaper and the usual links page.

Last Updated: 29th July 2015

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