Social Links

Want to find where else I hang out on the internet? Here are all the links to my various social profiles.

Slayster Says - Steam Curator profile
Slayster at AStats - Achievement statistics
Slayweb on You Tube - Gaming reviews and opinions
Doon Does DVD on You Tube - Blu-ray & DVD film reviews and features
The Life of Doon on You Tube - Vlogs about my life and whatever topics are on my mind
Life of Doon on Instagram - Sometimes I post photos here
Life of Doon on Flickr - Sometimes I post photos here too
Slayster on - What I have been listening to
Doon Does DVD at Letterboxd - Film reviews and watchlist
Slayster at Goodreads - Book reviews and reading list

If you want to contact me by email then please write to: brendan -at-