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Dark Dungeons Screenshot
Dark Dungeons
Battle Bob Screenshot
Battle Bob
World Of Bob Screenshot
The World of Bob
Bob's Questions & Answers Screenshot
Bob's Q&A
Bob Out Screenshot
Bob Out
Labyrinth of Molacia Screenshot
Labyrinth of Molacia
Bob Diving Screenshot
Bob Diving
Bob Snake 2 Screenshot
Bob Snake 2
Bob Smile Screenshot
Bob Smile
Bob Running Screenshot
Bob Running
Bob Manager Screenshot
Bob Manager
Bob Driving Screenshot
Bob Driving
BOB: the Motion Picture Screenshot
Bob: The Motion Picture
Bob Tron 97 Screenshot
Bob Tron 97
Bob Skiing Screenshot
Bob Skiing
Shooting Gallery Screenshot
The Shooting Gallery
Line Fighter Screenshot
Line Fighter
Hit ver 3:00 Screenshot
Hit version 3.0
Tic Tac Bob Screenshot
Tic Tac Bob
The World Of Bob is a compilation of many of the early games from Slayer Software.

Play "The World Of Bob" Online Now

To run this collection on a modern computer you will need a dos emulator such as DOSBox.
If you need help setting this up then read my tutorial: Running Slayer Software games with DOSBox.

Download "The World Of Bob" - 916KB

The games included in the compilation are as follows:

For more information about these games
and more read Bob's History.