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Hi, I'm Brendan (or Slayster or Doon) and this is Slayweb. Basically the archive of everything I've ever created for the internet.

THE TIMELINE - Essentially the biography of my time on the internet. It began as a written history of the games I created which I am now expanding to include other contributions and experiences online.

GAMES - I have been a programmer for 35 years. As a hobby over those years, I have created and published a number of games. Many of them you can now play online.

MAPS / MODS - In addition to creating my own games I also like to tinker with existing ones. There are various maps and mods here for games ranging from classics such as Duke Nukem 3D & Unreal Tournament to some more recent titles like Portal 2.

VIDEOS - In December 2010 I started posting videos regularly to You Tube. It started with a simple vlog channel and later expanded into specialist film and gaming channels. Browse my videos in this section.

PHOTOS - I like to take photographs. I wouldn't call myself an expert but I like to have a go. This is my public gallery.

ARCHIVE - This is all the small miscellaneous stuff which is not big enough to have a section to itself. There are tutorials here and links too.

SOCIAL - Want to find me elsewhere online? Here are links to all my social profile thingys.

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Last Updated: 28th November 2021

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