The Timeline

This page originally started out as a written history of the games I have developed. It included information about the games themselves along with comments about the development process, all ordered by date. However as I got older less and less time was spent on that particular hobby. Game creation has changed a lot over the years and it is now much less of a one person job. This left many gaps in the timeline and I have decided to try and fill some of those gaps with stories and examples of what else I was doing. This will expand the timeline into more of a personal biography of my time online.

I know that only a handful of the most dedicated will ever read much of this. That is okay, because at its core this is more of an investment for future me.
To make things easier to read and navigate I have split things up into four major eras.


Link to the Timeline Part 1

It all began when I was around ten years old. Playing my first games and learning to program in BASIC. Later there would be an Amiga 500 and an Atari ST. Which all eventually led to me getting my first PC.

College & Bob

Link to the Timeline Part 2

After years being self taught I get my first actual programming qualification. I learn Turbo Pascal at college and start churning out amature games. The character of Bob was created and I started using Slayer Software as the name for my game releases.

Serious Business

Link to the Timeline Part 3

Coding becomes my job and things change. There is less time and energy to code for fun. Boring adult responsibilties take over. Some things are still created, but they are futher apart and wider ranging as I dabble in new areas. Mostly modding rather than coding and much of it for Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2.

A New Hope

Link to the Timeline Part 4

Now in my late thirties I find myself at the point where I actually feel I have time for some side projects again. So naturally my thoughts turn to Bob. I give the website a new design, I start a new You Tube project, and I start coding a new game and graphics engine.