The Timeline - A New Hope


It is the beginning of a new era of Slayweb, Slayer Software and Bob! First we have a brand new look for the website. The previous major update was back in 2006 so that is over ten years with only minor content updates. That is a long time on the intenet! Now there is a new look to everything and all is better organized. At least it feels all organized to me at the time of writing. I may well change my mind at some point in the future.

Along with the updated website also comes a new You Tube channel. Although technically it's not a new channel, it's restarting an old dormant one. The first account I created for You Tube in fact. It was never the original plan but most of the content there ended up being gaming related. Now it's officially a gaming related content such as news, opinions, reviews and possibly some game play.

Then probably the most important thing for Slayer Software, a brand new game! More information on that coming soon, follow me on Twitter for updates.