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Set day/night schedules for your lights.

Set day/night schedules for your lights

Different lights at different times. Interior day/night settings.

Control lights during cutscenes.

Turn lights of with a trigger.

The Scripted Lighting System Version 2 (SLS2) is a set of scripts, blueprints and prefabs for Neverwinter Nights 2 module builders. The system allows builders to setup complex lighting effects without the need for extensive scripting knowledge.
All the main setup is done though variables.

The original SLS was a basic system which let builders set their lights to turn on and off at specified times of day allowing you to have an exterior area where the lights turned off during the day.

I saw room for improvement and started working on SLS2. This ended up being a complete rewrite with SLS2 becoming a complete lighting control and event system.

Of course SLS2 still allows you to set automatic day/night schedules for your lights but there are now many other ways of controlling what your lights do. Triggers, conversations and scripts can all be used to modify lights in different ways.

Key Features:

SLS2 Includes:

It's hard to show lighting effects properly in a screenshot
so why not watch the video or play the demo module.





SLS2 on Neverwinter Vault