Videos - NFi Collab - Sat Dec 28th: Brendan - Questions for you.

Saturday 28th December 2019 10:28PM

The questions, leave your answers in comments.
1. What is your quest?
2. What is you favourite colour?
3. Have you had any interesting gifts over the festive period?
4. During 2019 what has been your favourite piece of entertainment media?
5. What has been your favourite song you've discovered during 2019?
6. What your favourite place you've been or trip you've been on during the last year?
7. Do you have any interesting trips planned for next year?
8. Are there any places you haven't planned to travel to yet but would like to?
9. Do you think 2020 is going to be better than 2019?
10. What themes would you like us to talk about on NFi next year?